Insider Trading

Dealing in the Company’s shares by its directors or employees or other persons connected to the Company based on certain inside information which can materially impact the share price, know to them only and not to the general body of shareholders, and thus make a profit or avoid loss, is known as ‘insider trading’ .

In India, there was no specific law/regulation until 1992 when the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) framed insider trading regulations, 1992 followed by amendments in November, 2008. These regulations have been replaced with SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 w.e.f. 15th May, 2015.

In the securities industry, one of the chief concerns of compliance officers is monitoring the personal trading of employees in accordance with best practices and industry regulations. For the convenience of our clients , KFintech has developed a FINTRAK Module which enables the Senior Management / Compliance Officer

  • To view the trade Window Details.
  • To monitor insider details based at Multi location.
  • To include Shares / different Securities of Multiple Companies.
  • News Alerts.
  • Requests Approvals / Refusal / Partial Approvals for Buy / Sell.
  • To upload employee details in Bulk.
  • Generation of Reports based on Employee ID Number and / or Name (This can be for one Insider or Multiple).
  • Generation of Weekly Report of Violation and option to E-mail.
  • Option to view complete transactions or can be customized.
  • Facility for Bulk E-mail to all the insiders.
  • Option to upload documents relating to Insider code.

It enables the Insider to :

  • To Update / Add / Modify personal information / details for self and that of their relatives,such as PAN Card , Depository, Broker, Trading a/c details etc.
  • Request for Purchase / Sale of Securities for self or relatives.
  • Confirmation of Purchase / Sale of Securities after approval.
  • Provision to view complete Transaction / Holding details for self and relatives.
  • Provision to file Mandatory disclosure forms online.

Features :

  • Auto mailing to all the insiders when trade window is opened or closed
  • City wise reports for all the transactions
  • News ticker to post any insider specific information
  • Online generation and submission of any company specific forms
  • Snapshot mails sent to the compliance officer every Monday
  • Provision to generate employee level wise report
  • Facility to view the complete transaction details of all the key persons in the organization and many other feature

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